Monday, November 26, 2012

Rain Clouds and Onesies

I'm in love with clouds with rain drops in design right now.  They are trendy and sweet- just like my friend Ashley, who is expecting a girl in Decmeber. I was so excited to design an invitation, make decorations and help organize a shower for her.  Since it was going to be a small group (8-10pp), I thought it would be fun to try to do a creative activity instead of shower games.  Inspired by hellobee blog, pinterest and others, I put together a onesie decorating craft activity for the shower.

Above right:  Ashley and the clouds rain drops decoration- made from white tissue puffs, paper fans, and honeycomb balls ( rain garland made with cut paper and clear string.  Above left: Me with my hot air balloon onesie, ready to hand-stitch.  Middle:  Tree onesie- made with a tree stamp, and a pencil eraser for the dots--Hot Air balloon made with cut fabric/ iron-on heatbond with Martha Stewart satin craft paint/freezer paper stencil.  Bottom:  Before and After the onesie display
 Baby Girl Banner I designed and (below) displayed above her crib.


Pegah said...

I LOVE the hot air balloon on the onsie. I want it on a t-shirt.

Savannah and Jacob said...

Did you create the invitation? I'm throwing a similar themed baby shower and loved your invitations.

Kristen C said...

Hi Savannah, I did create this invitation. If you'd like, I could customize for your shower and send you a printable file. You can contact me via email.