Friday, April 19, 2013

D is for

My friends, Rachel and Mike, were expecting their second boy and wanted some art for their firetruck themed nursery.  So, this is for them and brand new baby, Casey Aaron, born April 13th.  Congratulations Rachel and Mike!
Above: Framed art hanging in Casey's nursery. 
I had a great time visiting their new home outside of Chicago.  It was fun helping with nursery decorating and hanging out with friends and kids.

For this week's  Illustration Friday word "train";  This dalmatian Fire Department dog is highly trained to help in an emergency.  


Hannah Tuohy said...

This is adorable! Such a great character!


this is so cute... ;)

WoolPets said...

Such a nice illustration! Lucky dog.

Sue said...

Nice work!

Tony LaRocca said...

Very cute, though I'm sure if Dalmatians were people, they'd complain about the stereotype ;)