Thursday, May 9, 2013

Promo Postcard 2013

The Surtex show is around the corner (May 19-21)!  So, if the occasion arises that I would want to promote myself as an illustrator, here is the promotional postcard that I will have in my back pocket.  I will be at Surtex to help and assist my mom, Betsey Cavallo, who is a very successful freelance licencing artist.  She will be showing at booth 733,  I believe this will be our 9th year setting up and breaking down at Surtex.  I look forward to this time spent when she drives down from MA and we stay in NYC to 'do the show'.  See you at the Javits! 

Got these puppies (do not excuse the pun) printed on  The prices are really good and the product is always quality.

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