Sunday, April 6, 2014

Assignment #1 BOLT FABRIC

This week I started an e-course called "Make Art that Sells' with one of the top illustration agents, Lilla Rogers Studio.  It's a five week course that goes through five different markets for freelance illustrators; BOLT FABRIC, HOME DECOR, CHILDREN'S BOOKS, WALL ART & GIFT.  I am excited for the Children's book and Wall Art weeks!

  The first week assignment is to design a pattern for BOLT FABRIC, which is the 'fabric store' fabric.  The customer buys this to sew things like quilts, aprons, pot holders, tote bags etc.    

Our assignment was very specific.  It was to make a kitchen design inspired by and incorporating icons of 'pyrex' vintage style kitchenware and tropical fruit.  I wasn't incredibly inspired by tropical fruit idea because I think I'm a little jaded from all the Luau party paper plate designs I've made over the past 10 years at Amscan.  Lilla said, when she gave the assignment, to 'do what makes you happy and inspires you' and she's all about being joyful about what you are designing-- so, I thought I'd be more joyful about strawberries than tropical fruit.  Making coordinates was optional part of the assignment.  

I am pretty happy with how it came out.  It's a mixture of painted and digital illustration.  I designed this graphically on Illustrator and then printed and traced the icons onto watercolor paper to paint.  I overlaid the painted image on the digital illustration in Illustrator.

Next week, HOME DECOR . . .

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