Monday, April 14, 2014

Assignment #2 HOME DECOR

This week my assignment in the Lilla Rogers class was to design ceramic plates that incorporated succulent plants.  
I was going for an 'anthropologie' 'ethnic' inspired type of design because I'm really attracted to tiles and world patterns that are trending lately.  

It's not as successful as I was hoping it would be.  I painted watercolor and ink and really like a lot of the elements I made, but I had a hard time trying make them work.  The assignment was due on Sunday at 5pm, and at 4:30 I was still messing around with elements and color-- so at the last minute (litterally 5:02) I posted this on the flickr site.  If I had more time I might have tried for an all indigo look, and played around with adding linework and less watercolor maybe.  

Moving on.  This week is CHILDREN'S BOOKS!

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