Saturday, May 24, 2014

Assignment #5 Gift

Lilla Rogers Assignment #4 was wall art.  I was expecting her to keep the assignment a little open in order to start some nursery art for my friends Sara and Jon (they just had a baby boy, Thomas Joseph, last week!).  Lilla's assignment was so specific that it didn't fit with what I wanted to do, and I didn't want to spend time on something that wouldn't add to my nursery/children's wall art collection.  So, I didn't submit anything that week and I am still working on the nursery art (stay tuned for that soon).  

Meanwhile, I have been excited to design a wedding invitation for Joel and Kim's wedding in July.  I painted watercolor cherry blossoms for her wedding invitation (see next post for Joel & Kim's wedding invitation).  After I was finished, I decided to participate in Lilla Roger's final assignment in her MATS PART A class, GIFT.   

The assignment was incredibly specific.  She wanted everyone to do 'hyperlush' style art on a zipper pouch (which is a popular gift item).  'Hyperlush' patterns are very layered and can incorporate photos or vintage photographs, 'kaleidoscope' or mirrored compositions, and have a lot of interest.  I am happy that I completed the last project for the class, and I think it came out nice, and I used wedding/romance theme as the inspiration.

In conclusion after completing Lilla Roger's Part A, for me, it was not worth the money.   Maybe if I hadn't gone to art school, and hadn't worked as a designer for 10 years and hadn't already experimented with my illustration style, it's worth it.  Maybe.  If it was a quarter of the price, it's worth it for the industry contacts and the knowledgable insights.  The assignments are way too specific and not open for a lot of creativity like the projects that I got in art school.  I did get a few good art projects done with some assignments that I may not have done on my own, but not really worth the cost of the class.

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